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G. Davis, Lead, SD

"You get what you pay for" is a saying I've heard all my live. Its meaning became crystal clear when I contracted with a local business two years ago to correct drainage problems that were affecting the foundation of my house. The owners of the company showed up with a rented bobcat and unskilled laborers with shovels and pick axes. It took them months to lay new pipe and excavate the hillside for a retaining wall. Early November, they told me they could not complete the work. They had simply underestimated the cost and extent of the work involved. I was left with a wall of mud outside my kitchen window.

I obtained estimates from four contractors to finish the wall. Dennis Page's estimate was the highest, but he provided a portfolio of his work, a diagram of how he would construct the wall, a job timeline, and a detailed cost break-down. I choose the most costly, but most professional company, Page, ETC.

Dennis rearranged his work schedule to build my wall before the ground froze so I would not have a mudslide come the spring rains. He came to the work site with his own heavy equipment and skilled operators. Within two weeks, I had a functional and beautiful retaining wall.

Dennis continues to display his professionalism and integrity by periodically checking with me to insure I am satisfied with his work. I would recommend Page ETC to anyone who needs excavation or landscaping work.

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